Sierra Vista

(Weird E/C Cord @ 1 & 3 (5, 3, 2, & 1 on pseudochorus parts )

Seem I have been like this for a while
Fear & Dreams running wild
Need to find another scene

To see these dreams need no longer be

Heading north for a while
Seeing things that make me smile
Knowing the way of life

Feeling the stuff I needed as a child

Boarding the bus to take me another mile
Closer to what it is I seem to desire
Body senses take in the life

Moving like the river that flows overboard

Don't seem to know anymore
What it is and what it's for
Time slides by like the innocence of child

Trying to stand on banks made of liquid sand

Of this life that sweeps us away
Until the day we can no longer swim
I head out in the water once more

To try and see who it is I want to be

Lyrics copyright © 2001 by Mytoe Designs & Friends

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