Sierra Vista
Go Home

(G, G-C, (repeat) D, C, D (chorus))

It is already 4 past 3
Why are you still standing in the street?
Time for you to move along
And me to finish and head on home

So. Go home Walk on home Go home and be free

You can come back real soon
The school will reopen a little before noon
But now you should be moving along
Start your feet on walking home

And.. Go home Hurry on home Go home and eat

It not that I don't want you to stay
But you need to go home and play
It's getting late in the evening
Soon all the teachers will be leaving

Just. Go home Hurry on home Go home and sleep

Why do you want to stay?
Didn't you have enough school today?
Too much time at school is bad
Leaving school will make you glad

Please. Go home Run on home Go home and rest your feet

Its time for you to go
Don't stay to talk anymore
Time for you to move away
Please go away and play

Now. Go home Head on home Go home and enjoy the week

Feed your sheep, Brush your teeth, Plant a Tree,
But please leave Me Alone
So I can go home.

Lyrics copyright © 2004 by Mytoe Designs & Friends

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