Sierra Vista
Whoa Guy
(or 65 years in 3.5 min)


When I was young this guy said to me…


Whoa guy, pace yourself

This is the best year of your life


But what do old people know

They say pace yourself where ever I go


When I was 1 my life was so much fun

I napped pooped and played all day


When  I was 4 I went to preschool

Then came Kindergarden which was easy and cool


Next thing I know I’m entering 8th grade

The best year of my life but my Drivers Lic is still 2 years way

Now I can drive, but gas is not cheap

I have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet


Now I am off to a big high school

I am a Junior with a Lic so girls think I am cool

My girlfriend wants to go to prom

Now I have to work all summer long

I spend my free nights and weekend days

Studying for the SATs and sending applications away



I am finally on my way to college

Eager to take all the really hard classes

I want to stay up all night and learn all the noble gases


I met a girl and she wants to be my wife

To me that seems really nice

but now I have to work all day and night

Because she wants to reproduce twice


A house, two cars, screaming kids

will I ever win?

Life is getting really tuff

and now I am not sleeping enough


Now I am 65 and finally retired

Time to enjoy my golden years

I came to Fiji to surf and listen to the Bee Gees

Not to put ice on my injured knees


So advice to all of you who can’t wait to grow up

Relax, pace yourself because being old really sucks

Lyrics copyright © 2005 by Mytoe Designs & Friends

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