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Cool Science Links

General Science Links

Educational Innovations - The place to get cool science toys and science demos.

PH School - The Prentice Hall physical science textbook online.

Donors Choose - The place were you get decide which classroom you would love to help.

Word Central- Vocab definitions online.


Science News Links

Science Daily - The latest breaking news in science (AMAZING!)

Inside Science - Science articles on cool research, news, and information on science.

California Magazine - Amazing articles on what is going on in science at UC Berkeley.

NewsELA - Science news for students.



Fear of Physics - Great site with interactive demos explanations and assistance in doing physics.

Exploratorium - Cool examples and explanations of how physics works.

Air Travelers - Introduces the basic principles of buoyancy, prop, gasses temp.,and tech in air ballooning

Physics 2000 - Learn visually about 20th Century science and high-tech devices.

Extreme Science - Everything you could want to know about science!

Simple Machines - Links for learning, seeing, and making simple machines


Science Museums and Education

California Academy of Sciences - Home of the amazing science museum in the Golden Gate Park

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry - Explores the world of science with exhibits and reference material.

Smithsonian Virtual - A interactive virtual tour inside the world famous Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

Usborne Quick links - Database of science related sites across the entire science curriculum.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Teaching and Learning Resources. *


Periodic Table & Elements Links

Periodic Table of Elements - Flash site that helps you understand the periodic table and elements

Lenntech Periodic Table - Shows pictures and in depth information about each of the elements

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Periodic Table - Amazing site that has it all (pictures, good info and more)

Visual Elements - Another amazing site that clearly explains each element uses and history

Wikipedia - Encyclopedia of all the elements and periodic table

Chemical Elements - Contains general information on the periodic table and the elements

Web Elements - Contains general information on the periodic table and the elements

Bond Breaking/Making Game - UCI game labs bonding and atom making game


Science Project Links

Science Fair Central - Place to get help and ideas for your science projects

Science Fair Database - At the bottom of the page there are links to some great resources online. *



Volcano Explorer - Interactive Flash animation that allows for exploring volcano's *

Volcano Facts for Kids - Terminology and explanations of what volcano's are and their characteristics. *



Weather Services International - Gives weather forecast for all parts of the world, linked to intellicast.

Natural Disasters and Weather Emergencies Database - Links to information on weather related phenomena like hurricanes and tornadoes to geological phenomena like earthquakes and tsunamis. *

KidsGeo - Geography & Geology For Kids. Information on the Earth's atmosphere. *

intellicast - This web page helps you find the weather in all parts of the world.


Space Links

Wiki Solar System - Information about our solar system.



Smithsonian Virtual Tour - Virtual tour of the Smithsonian - "Amazing".


Science Supplies and Science Educational Materials

Educational Innovations - Science toys and demonstration supplies


* Suggested sites from Mrs. McVey's 5th grade class


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Last updated January 13, 2016