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Nature of Science (SEPs)


  • Sig Fig and Scientific Measurement Notes (Google Slide) (9/17)
  • DA in Literature (Jabberwocky) Extra Credit: (PDF File) (Poem Video) (posted 9/16)
  • Analyze This Worksheet Part II ANSWERS: (PDF File) (posted 9/18)
  • Analyze This Worksheet Part I ANSWERS: (PDF File) (posted 9/16)
  • Analyze This Worksheet (Part I & II): (PDF File) or (Word.doc) (posted 9/16)
  • Dimensional Analysis Notes: (PDF File) (posted 9/16)
  • Take Offs and Landings (PDF) or (Word.doc) (posted 8/30)
  • Nature of Science Learning Targets (Google Doc) (posted 8/29)
  • Information Card (Google Doc) (posted 8/23)
  • Syllabus/Safety Contract/Notebook Setup/Extra Credit Info (Click Here)

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Last updated September 18, 2019