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Sierra Vista science teachers provide a two year program emphasizing the process of scientific inquiry while integrating the following major themes: energy, evolution, patterns of change, scale and structure, stability, and systems and interactions. Science is taught thematically in accordance with the California Science Framework and facilitates relevancy and application to the real world. Instruction is delivered through an activity-based, hands-on program.

Science 7
Science 8
  • Scientific Measurement
  • Plant/Animal Behavior
  • Cells/Bacteria/Protists
  • Earth & Life History
  • Genetics/Evolution
  • Sound/Light
  • Health
  • Science Process Skills
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Forces, Motion & Energy
  • Periodic Table
  • Chemistry of Matter
  • Chemistry of Living Systems
  • Earth in the Solar System
  • Scientific Measurement
  • Science Process Skills

Science Skills Taught and Developed:
Thinking - Observing - Communicating - Measuring - Relating - Categorizing - Inferring -
Comparing - Applying - Application of research skills (electronic searches)

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